Traffic Control

  • Traffic cones, tubes, barrles and other supplies to fit all needs of any types of traffic control. 

  • Choose black-bottom or solid orange for road cones, parking cones.

  • ​Hollow traffic cone tubes including grabber cones, looper tubes, and grabber tubes are recognized for delineation purposes – usually roadside or off-road. They’re designed to string tape, chain, cone bars and more. Frequently used for crowd control.

Traffic Control Services

SLCH Enterprise offers the perfect solution for your business.


​We specialize in supplying high quality safety products to the transportation industry. We pride ourselves in having a high level of product specific knowledge and understanding so we can best serve our customers. 

Construction Signs

  • Safety Signs- SLCH Enterprise LLC offers a wide range of safety equipment and
    barriers for both pedestrian and road markets. We offer full installation service on all items, including some of the safest and most durable barriers available on the market today


  • Barricades- he portable 100 lb. water barrier is possibly the sturdiest, safest traffic blockade available. It's used to protect street-side construction sites and block off roads during resurfacing. Compared to the concrete K-rail, plastic water barriers are safer for motorists

Parking Stops

  • Parking Stops- Parking Blocks, Parking Stops, Parking Curbs, Curb Stops, Car Stops, whatever name you know them by, recycled plastic and rubber parking lot blocks have revolutionized parking lot construction and maintenance. No longer are you stuck using heavy and difficult to install concrete blocks. Now you have choices!

  • In addition to being light enough that one person can install them (without heavy rental equipment), plastic and rubber parking blocks aren't affected by the weather, making them virtually maintenance free.

Work Vests

  • Safety Vest- Our vests are made from breathable, all-weather material (mesh or knit) and designed with utility features including secure pocket storage, grommets, mic tab(s), badge/ID display, and radio/cell phone holders. 

  • Class 2 reflective safety vests offer enhanced visibility and safety. With three models of Class 2 safety vests, we've got you covered! Silver reflective stripes with contrasting orange backing span all 360 degrees for maximum visibility.

Speed Bumps

  • Speed Bumps Controlling vehicle speed with a speed bump or speed hump is the most effective method to improve the safety of a parking lot, driveway or private lane. High visibility speed bumps/humps and signs are the best way to communicate to drivers to keep their speed to a minimum.



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